Wedding Video FAQs

Q: Why should I hire a professional videographer?

A: It seems like everyone today can shoot video, whether it’s on their tablet or their phone. But you wouldn’t want your wedding pictures taken on someone’s phone or tablet. These are your memories of one of the most important days of your life. Your professional videographer has years of technical and storytelling experience to bring to your wedding day.  Your memories and you deserve professional treatment! 


Q:  Where will you be during the ceremony?

A: It is my goal to be as invisible as possible during your ceremony and reception. Where I will be with cameras differs based on the venue, but I will not be in the way and I always respect the wishes and instructions from the wedding venue and you about camera location.


Q: About sound…how do you pick up the sound during the ceremony?

A: I ask the groom to wear a small wireless microphone that will pick up the bride, the groom, and the officiant during the ceremony. This works great on beach weddings, too.


Q; How do you handle lighting in dark areas?

A: I use an LED light kit that is mounted on the camera. It does a great job of lighting the area where I am shooting. During church and synagogue ceremonies, I do not use any lighting other than “available light”. This is to respect the sanctity to the house of worship.


Q: Do you attend rehearsals?

A: I do whenever possible. There is no additional charge for this. (However, if you request coverage of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then an additional charge will apply.)


Q: How long will my wedding video be?

A: Every wedding video is different. Some weddings have more activity than others. For my “Basic Plus” and “Full Production” videos, the average running time is between 75 and 90 minutes long.


Q: How much time will you spend editing my wedding DVD?

A: I will spend approximately 20 to 25 hours editing your wedding video.


Q: If I want a particular song included in my wedding video, what do I need to do?

A: Supply me with the song on CD or email it to me in MP3 format.


Q: Do you offer wedding videos on Blu-Ray, Downloads,  and Flash Drives?

A:   Yes, I offer all at an additional charge.


Q: How soon will I receive my finished wedding video DVDs?

A: I will get your wedding videos to you within 30 days.

Q:  How come your pricing is so much lower than most wedding videographers?

A:  I know weddings are expensive.  I want to be the videographer that more people can afford so I modestly price my offerings.  I also work from my home so I don't have the overhead and expenses other videographers have.  I pass those savings on to my clients.  Let me assure you, I will deliver a first class, top drawer production that you will be proud to own.  I won't break your budget doing it.  Check my reviews and see what my customers say!

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